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About Us


445 N Chestnut St

Monrovia, IN 46157


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Who we are

A pond company that offers more.

We're so much more than your regular pond company. We not only specialize in building & maintaining ponds but also in indoor gardening with hydroponics and aquaponics. 

With our aquatic wetland filtration your pond will not only be more stable but can also grow edible food! Get in touch to ask how. 

How did we get started?

How did we get started?

Aquatic Design was born in 1992

As of 2023 that makes us 32 years old! It all started when Dan Lamberson was a kid–he loved playing in ponds and seeing all the critters. At 13 he took a leap and built his first pond for his parents. Word of mouth spread, and he started building ponds for other people as well. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science from IUPUI Dan decided to take his hobby and make it into a professional business. He started to turn his home into a store, and the land into a beautiful example of what he could build. Over the years Aquatic Design became what it is today: a beautiful example of what is possible in any backyard. 

Started Aquaponics

How did a pond company get started in aquaponics?

The answer is bogs!

Aquatic Design has been installing them since the beginning. Aquatic wetland filtration (bogs) provide natural pond filtration. They can be small or large-scale. They offer an easy way to get into aquaponics with simple pond plants. Bogs also help keep the water crystal clear, and are a great choice for natural swimming pools. 

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